There’s a feature in WordPress called oEmbed. It’s been around since WordPress V2.9 which was released in 2009.  And yet, there are video tutorials and posts out there that show you how to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress site in other ways. One common teaching is to use the Share > Embed feature in YouTube to get HTML code for an iframe, which is then pasted into your WordPress site under the Text tab of the editing area. With oEmbed, this code gets generated in the background, so you can stay in the Visual editor.

Another way to add YouTube videos is to use the Add Media button in WordPress. Again, this is unnecessarily time consuming.

If your blog consists of a lot of videos like this blog, this extra time can add up. It’s time that you’ll never get back again. So watch this video and see how to embed a YouTube video on your WordPress site the right way.

The technique can be used on both Posts and Pages and works exactly the same way in both page types. I talk through the process as I’m doing it, so the timer shows that I’ve taken 9 seconds, but you could easily do it in 5 seconds.

Link to video:


How to add a YouTube video to a WordPress page in 9 seconds